Can I import pdf files into Zotero from a WebDav server which no longer syncs?

I have stored quite a few pdfs on a WebDav server only which, unfortunately, no longer syncs with Zotero. However, I can still access the .prop and .zip files on the server and could download them.

Is it possible to import these files in one way or the other into the local Zotero storage of my computer?

Thank you.
  • Assuming you're still using the same Zotero library you used to upload those files, you can just copy that whole directory to a WebDAV server that still works, reset file sync history from the Sync → Reset pane of the Zotero preferences, and then sync. If you have to download files at sync time, it will pull down any files you don't have locally.
  • Thank you, that is a indeed a straightforward solution.
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