I am working with Microsoft Word and Zotero, citing in MLA 8.

I just tried to Add/Edit Citation and it simply wrote [NO-PRINTED-FORM].
I have just tried to look at the forum. Apparently, others have had issues, but they don't seem to have the exact same one. My doesn't include CSL, simply what I have just copied/pasted.

I hope that someone can help me....
  • What item are you trying to add? MLA only prints an author, so this sounds like the item doesn’t have an author or anything the style substitutes.
  • Actually, it's really strange, it's doing it for some items and not others, and for some of them, strangely, after a few minutes, the [NO-PRINTED-FORM] turned into the reference I wanted... so maybe it's going to solve itself.
    Yes, there is an author for all of them. Some are songs, some are articles.

    I don't know what info I could give you to understand why it does that. I tried to refresh, but it doesn't do anything. I still have two references which have not updated (one song, one article).
  • Can you right click on an item showing no printed form, click Export item, choose CSL-JSON. Then copy the exported code to hastebin.com and link here?
  • I have done everything you told me, copied and pasted in hastebin.com, which I didn't know, but have no idea how to send you a link to the hastebin. I can just copy the code here, I guess

  • 1

    id "http://zotero.org/users/4930606/items/CH7AEJHK"
    type "article-journal"
    container-title "Itinéraires"
    DOI "10.4000/itineraires.2486"
    ISSN "2100-1340, 2427-920X"
    issue "2014-2"
    language "fr"
    source "Crossref"
    title "À la recherche d’une poétique ou comment lire une chanson populaire américaine"
    URL "http://journals.openedition.org/itineraires/2486"
    family "Sylvanise"
    given "Frédéric"
    0 "2018"
    1 8
    2 31
    0 "2015"
    1 7
    2 17

  • I'm not sure that was very efficient. If you can tell me how to link you to the hastebin, I will be happy to do it. Does THIS work?

  • What is REALLY strange is that this same item, which is an article, worked when I quoted page 8 (with the author's name) but did not work when I quoted page 1 (without the author's name because I checked the box "suppress author".
  • Last update before I go to sleep, because it's 2 AM here in France.

    I have just clicked on Add/Edit biblio. I still have the [NO-PRINTED-FORM] in the middle of my text, even though the same works appear normally in the bibliography at the end. I really don't understand.

    Could it have anything to do with the field "Short Title"? Do I HAVE to write something in that field? I usually rarely do, so I really don't know.

    I will sleep on this and see tomorrow if it has fixed itself, maybe ;-)
  • suppress author is the tricky part here: MLA with suppress author and without a page number would give you the above error message (because there would, indeed, not be any printed form). Any chance you forgot to add the page number?
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    Thank you soooooo much ! (as you can see, I'm still not in bed).

    It was exactly that. It's a bit of a weird rule that I have to click on "suppress author" if the name of the author is mentioned in the sentence, but this has nothing to do with Zotero. MLA is the problem here.

    It has forced me to go through the article and rephrase my sentences, some of them I find a bit clumsier now as they were, but I don't see any other solution anyway. I still have one I haven't found a solution for, but I will keep that for tomorrow.

    Thanks again, so helpful !!
  • Oh ! I forgot to mention: it's a problem for me because I mention quite a lot of songs and albums... with no page number. So of course, no page number, no author, there is nothing to write ! Can't help it, doing research on Bob Dylan xD
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    I wouldn't re-write, though. If the only reason you need to insert the citation with Zotero is to make sure the work is listed in the reference list, you can just use the edit bibliography function to list them.
  • You mean that I can choose NOT to add it in the text, add bibliography at the end of the work, and finally click on my bibligraphy and add the works one by one directly in the list?

    I've just checked out this function, had never done it before. Apparently, it's easy to just add to the bibliography afterwards, so I suppose it's what you meant.

    However, if I add the in-text citation and it shows NO PRINTED FORM, I have noticed that if I add some other works by the same author somewhere else in the document, the problem is solved since Zotero has something to print... so I guess I should probably add everything in-text, and at the very end review all the occurrences of NO PRINTED FORM, delete them and add the item to the final list.

    Do that sound efficient to you? Or is there a simpler way to do it?
  • Yeah, that sounds like the right approach.
  • Thank you VERY much for all your help. Learning to use this AMAZING tool little by little, and each time I find something that "doesn't work", just a little bit of communication on this forum and it is solved SOOOO quickly.

    Can't thank you enough. Have a beautiful day!
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