Page range format: Abbreviate following page

There are various predefined page range formats in CSL (Chicago, expanded, minimal-two ...). I am wondering if it would be difficult to add a format that is very common at least in German: When referring to two subsequent pages, the second page is abbreviated with "f." (=following page), like:
pp. 99–100 -> pp. 99f.
As I often need to switch citation styles, I need to change the page range format manually, which would be much easier with an option to be set in the citation style.
Does such an option already exist? Or can I somehow tweak the citation style code myself?

Maybe before implementing this in CSL (if necessary), it would be interesting if there are similar abbreviations for the following page in other languages. In this case, it would be necessary to localize the abbreviation.
  • Doesn't exist. I'm also a bit skeptical about adding this. The f./ff. abbreviation (it's Latin for "folio," btw., so exists in multiple languages including English), has no benefits and is increasingly discouraged in style guides, including, afaik, in Germany

    Where absolutely necessary, it can obviously be added in the locator field.
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