Edit child note in external editor? Edit as html? [resolved]

edited July 19, 2020
Hello all,

is it possible to edit the child notes (within Zotero) in any other way than the built-in editor? Or is there a HTML view for the built-in editor?

(One thing I can think of is to extract the note as HTML via the API, edit it, and then put it back via the API. But I'm wondering whether there's options within the editor as well.)

Reason: We are using Kerko to display the library, including notes, see e.g. here https://docs.opendeved.net/lib/LRBK4LWS. You'll see the note, but it has the formatting with which I pasted it in. So it would be nice to be able to tweak this in the editor. However, I suppose I could copy it out of the note into a google doc, fix it there, and paste it back. Just wondering whether there's an alternative option.
  • Right-click → Source code
  • Amazing, thank you!
  • And on Mac? There's no "Source code" option listed in the context menu.
  • edited October 15, 2020
    @fv: Yes there is. It’s the same no matter what OS you’re on.

    If you’re not seeing it, take a screenshot, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox), and post a link here.
  • @dstillman Not here. All the context-menu of a note contains are the following items:
    - Duplicate Item
    - Move Item to Trash...
    - Export Item...
    - Create Bibliography from Item...
    - Generate Report from Item...
    - Zutilo
  • Context menu of the note itself, not the item in the items list
  • Oh god, yes! Not when using control-click (which is what I'm used to), but when using two-finger click on the trackpad... Thank you!
  • Not when using control-click
    Hmm, that's a bug — that should be identical. We'll investigate.
  • Ok, thanks
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