OpenURL for Arizona State University

I tried editing the Zotero wiki at, but my account wasn't allowed to do so. A recent post by dstillman stated that this was by design, and he just asked us to post any updates here. Also, does anyone know how to suggest an edit to

The OpenURL for Arizona State University is "".

So, my working engines.json section for ASU looks like this (included the URL to the favicon, too):

"_name": "Arizona State University",
"_alias": "Arizona State University",
"_urlTemplate": "{z:openURL}",
"_description": "Search Arizona State University",
"_icon": "",
"_urlParams": [],
"_hidden": false,"_urlNamespaces": {
"rft": "info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:journal",
"z": "",
"": ""
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