Can't drag library items into a collection

I have no ability to drag items from my library into a collection - or from collection to collection. I've tried Shift (I have Windows 10) and nothing happens
  • I don't know if anything about this is on my error report: 1510444176
  • First, make sure that the item you're trying to drag doesn't already exist in the collection you're dragging to. Note that the item won't disappear from My Library, because all items in the library always show up there.

    If you think something isn't working, restart Zotero and try again. If you're still having trouble, we'd want to see a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for a drag attempt that fails.
  • Thank you - I checked it wasn't already in the collection and I restarted. I can't drag anything into anything (not just this one item or collection)

    Here's the debug ID:

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    1) Are you trying to drag a regular, top-level item? Test with a new empty Book item that you create.

    2) Are you trying to drag to a regular collection? Test with a new, empty collection that you create.

    Don't use Shift or anything like that. Just create a new item, create a new collection, and try to drag the new item from My Library to the new collection.
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