Unlink function

Does this function allow you to unlink a single reference in a reference list so that corrections can be preserved not possible in editing the reference in Zotero, or will it create more widespread disconnects?
  • It disconnects the entire document. What exactly are you trying to do with the one citation? What’s your situation.
  • Thanks. The uncommon situation where a book has non-primary authors on the cover as "with," which APA 7th ed. states, page 286, final bullet, states that the primay and non-primary authors should be credited as follows: Myers, K. (with Long, W. T. & Jones, A. J.). . . . .

    Adding as contributors does not show up in reference list.

  • Just add that as a final step after you unlink citations (but as I said in your other thread—these contributors are very rarely cited; it would be better to not cite them at all in order to help citation indexers accurately count the citations versus splitting them across citations with the “with” person includes and those without it).
  • Thanks for giving it a second look, and for helping me understand your response!
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