Where did my sources go?


I received a notification from Zotero stating I had no more storage left for my sources (from using zoter).

After noticing some of my sources were not there, I saw a notification from Zotero stating i had no more room left for additional storage.

I then purchased 20gb of more storage, but my sources are still not there?

I had them in lists and files, and they disappeared. At first, I thought it was because I had no more space, but I used and saved these sources a long time ago, like last year.

I thought they would re-appear but they did not. Where did they go? How can I find them?
  • I meant 2gb of more storage
  • Have you been using multiple computers? Zotero will (almost) always save sources locally and it will do so independently of available online file storage. However, if you saved on a different computer and didn't have enough storage to sync the files, you wouldn't see them on your new computer.
  • Hello,

    Yes, I have been using multiple computers.

    Initially I used my personal computer, and all of the sources were available there. i then used the desktop, (all of the sources were there) and noticed on my personal computer that the sources were not there anymore.

    Wouldnt the sources be available on my personal computer?
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    Are you referring to items or files? Items are the things that show up in your database. Files are the associated files on disk that you can open (PDFs, etc.). Items sync regardless of your storage quota. File syncing depends on your storage quota.

    Either way, if something existed on one computer previously, the only way for it to disappear would be if you deleted it on one of your computers. Usually when people think this happened, they're misremembering and the items or files just haven't synced to their current computer yet.

    See Changes Not Syncing and Files Not Syncing for more info.
  • I am talking about the files.

    Is it possible to get them back? Is it possible to find the items? Thanks
  • The only way for files to disappear without the items in Zotero disappearing would be if you deleted the files outside of Zotero. But again, it's more likely that you just added them on another computer and haven't synced. See the Files Not Syncing page.
  • I'm pretty sure I only used two computers, my personal one and my desktop.
    They still are not there, and i tried to debug.

    is there like, a hidden history or something that I can use to find the sources?

  • Once more, you either deleted them outside of Zotero or they're on the computer where you first created them. There is literally no code in Zotero to delete files on disk separately from the items in your database. There's really no other answer we can give you here.
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