PDFs dragged into Zotero always show wrong metadata

Every time I drag a federal government PDF from my Windows file explorer into Zotero the meta data is for a particular journal article in a dental journal, not even remotely related to the the PDF being brought into Zotero. I know the best way to bring these files into Zotero would be to download them using the Firefox Connector, but that's not an option for these federal website files. So far as I know, I have never downloaded this dental journal article, so I have no idea why Zotero insists on entering this article's metadata into the PDFs I bring into Zotero. This is not a problem for files downloaded directly using the connector. Needless to say it's tedious to delete all the data concerning this dental article from all the Info fields -- I have begun to loath the author of this article!

On a related topic, when on the federal website, I have tried right-clicking on the hyperlink to PDF file, clicking on Zotero Connector, selecting "Save to Zotero" --> "Save to Zotero (PDF)," but nothing seems to happen. At least I can't find any PDF saved in my Zotero library. BTW, I'm using the Zotero desktop to do this.

Help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Can you provide a link to one such file?
    This is not a problem for files downloaded directly using the connector.
    If you're actually download the PDF directly (i.e., "Save to Zotero (PDF)" when you hover over the save button), that should be identical. Saving doesn't currently work via right-clicking on link, but if you preview PDFs in your browser (as opposed to downloading them) and click the save button, you should get the same thing — Zotero will save the file and then try to recognize it.
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