Copy Citation from Web Library to clipboard (pure citation, without tags)?

Dear all,

coming back from my dissertation project to my paid job, I'd like to continue to use the Zotero library I set up in the last years, but won't be able to have Zotero Standalone installed on my work computer. I am currently browsing all articles in a Zotero collection in the web library and want to export citations by topic for a literature overview in an email for some colleagues - that is, the citations only, not the files or RIS-like-citations that include tags telling reference managers how to import the citation.

An example would be:
Rogers, Mark, and Mark Rogers. "The definition and measurement of innovation." (1998).

I don't care about the referencing format, I just want to keep the citation as short as possible.

I checked all export options in the Zotero web library but none of them just copied a citation to the clipboard, they all promted to open a particular program. And if opened in a Text editor, they all contained tags like here:

title={The definition and measurement of innovation},
author={Rogers, Mark and Rogers, Mark},

If if this is not implemented by default - can you think of a workaround for the task at hand? I will have this situation very often in the future months..

Thank you!! Best, Katherina
  • You can create a bibliography from selected items (icon one to the right to export icon in the toolbar on desktop browsers), there is a 'copy to clipboard' button in the modal that pops up, would that work?
  • Oh indeed it does! Thank you very much, I should have thought so far...
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