How can update the references because I erase from the document but persist at the end?

Someone knows how fix this?

I am erasing references inside the text and still apear in the references at the end!

How can modidfy that because the system already ask me and I select yes and now I each change I made I erase but persist at the end of my work each time I refresh.

xxx SOS
  • Yes sorry for doble posting.

    I already click refresh in the word zotero area. But I dont know how it is still presenting references I already erase from the text.
  • I just close the computer open again, refresh and still the gost references apear in my reference list at the end. And I already erase those references from the text.

    Help I had 80 references and I need just 50 I am erasing references from the text but does not refresh the changes.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks for your help Is for a book chapter I urge to send today :/
  • I think I get it I need remove the reference also from the box edit. Thanks
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