Member not receiving email invite to shared library!

Hi all - I've created a shared library, and have successfully invited 6 members. All these members have received the invite, and added references to the shared library. One member is not receiving the invite at all - on Zotero's end, it says the invitation is "pending" but this member hasn't received the invite. It's not in his spam folder, either. Help, please! Is there a work-around? Can I send an invite to the library to this member another way? I'm not sure if this is important, but the invites are going to emails from an academic institution. Sometimes this user has had similar issues before with external emails, and it may have something to do with the institution's Exchange's security protocol.

Any help would be great!
  • If the user already has a Zotero account, they should receive the invitation through Zotero's internal messaging (inbox link at top right of this page) and their invitations will show up on

    If they haven't associated the email address you're using for their Zotero account, you can invite the user account from their Zotero profile page.
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