Unable to add tags to items in browser using new web library beta

I am able to add tags to items using the old web library (but that is clunky and slow) as well as using the desktop client, but our team prefers to use the new web library beta as its more streamlined.

When any one of us adds tags to an item in browser on the new web library beta, the tags appear in the right column after hitting "enter", but as soon as you select "notes" or "info" or select another item in the main directory, the added tag disappears. It's clear that tags added in browser this way simply fail to register.

Additionally, when the existing tags of items are edited in browser, ALL the tags associated with that item get deleted.
  • Thanks for reporting.

    Tag changes not being saved should be fixed now. I wasn't able to reproduce any tags being lost though. Let us know if you're still seeing any bad behaviour.
  • Thank you!
  • It doesn't seem to delete tags any more either
  • @htexmna: Sorry, disregard the earlier message — we misread you as saying you were experiencing a new problem with tags not being deleted, not that the earlier problem you were seeing was fixed.
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