Date ranges with ordinal French option format


Unless I am mistaken, it seems to me that the "limit-day-ordinals-to-day-1" option is mismanaged by the date ranges placed in the Extra Field.

Indeed, with the option activated (for French date format) in my CSL:
<style-options limit-day-ordinals-to-day-1="true"/>

and with this code:
<date delimiter=" " variable="event-date">
<date-part name="day" form="ordinal" range-delimiter="-"/>
<date-part name="month" form="short" range-delimiter="-"/>
<date-part name="year" range-delimiter="-"/>

when the day of the first date is "1", the day of the second date (never mind that day is: 2, 6, 12, 30, etc.) is also formatted in ordinal (which is incorrect in French). Conversely, when the day of the first date is not "1", the day of the second date is never formatted in ordinal (even if it is "1").

In short, here's what I get:
Event Date: 2011-07-01/2011-07-14 > « 1ᵉʳ-14ᵉ juill. 2011 » (the outcome should be : 1ᵉʳ-14 juill. 2011)
Event Date: 2011-07-14/2011-07-01 > « 14-1 juill. 2011 » (the outcome should be : 14-1ᵉʳ)

I don't know if it's a known issue.
Thank you all!
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