Firefox connector not working

I can see the connector and it seems to be recognizing the page (ie NYT looks like a newspaper). However, clicking does nothing. I've tried reinstalling, and I've tried removing privacy protections from the page.

Chrome connector on the same machine works fine.
  • Similar problem here. It periodically happens and requires me to restart both Firefox and Zotero. After doing that it works for a while, and then stops again. This problem started recently, although I cannot pinpoint the precise update.
  • 1) Provide a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for reloading the page and trying to save unsuccessfully.

    2) Try temporarily disabling any other extensions you're running.
  • D2039571500
  • OK solved it (at least for me) There is a conflict with the PureVPN extension. will test on other machines and will post further if this is not the only problem
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