Help making footnote citations for acrhive documents

I'm using my custom version of the CMS note with bibliography. Currently I have it set up so the short footname is formatted as follows:


However, I will be citing lots of declassified documents from the National Archives which don't have authors so the [CONTRIBUTORS-SHORT] field is blank. I want to replace this with the [CALL NUMBER] field instead as this is the standard for citing these documents.

I'm editing the [CONTRIBUTORS-SHORT] macro in the CSL to make it pull up the call number instead of the non-existen author for the document type but don't knnow what to put in there to call this up.

Here's my current code:

<macro name="contributors-short">
<if type="document">
<what do I put here?>

<names variable="author">
<name form="short" and="text" delimiter=", " />
<names variable="editor"/>
<names variable="translator"/>

<text macro="recipient-short"/>

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers,

[edit: also, is there any way to choose the example reference types in the Chrom panel at chrome://zotero/content/tools/csledit.xul?]
  • @edit: the chrome panel always displays the citations you have currently selected in Zotero.
    Sorry - no time currently to help on the csl issue.
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    Thanks Adam.

    Managed to find out the call number reference so and just whacked a:

    <text variable="call-number" prefix="TNA, "/>

    At the end of the contributors-short macro.
  • interesting - this is not in the CSL syntax summary.
  • Yeah, there are a whole bunch of variables not mentioned in the summary. Is there a full schema somewhere?
  • you can look at the csl schema:

    which includes a list of all variables here:

    but both are a bit hard to read, because they are the actual schema, rather than an explanation of it.
  • Ah, thanks for that. Are there plans to expand the summary documentation at all or at least include a comprehensive reference guide?
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    the documentation is a wiki - feel free to get an account and contribute.
    I.e. - definitely the documentation should contain the full .csl documentation.
    As a caveat though - since .csl is currently being revamped and will be implemented in the foreseeable future, I wouldn't put a lot of effort into that now - but if you discover something, just add it.
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    Note that the links adamsmith provided above point to the most recent version of CSL, which currently isn't supported by Zotero. Version 0.8 of CSL, which (for the most part) is what Zotero uses right now, can be found here:
    (variables are included in this document)

    I'm currently (re)writing the CSL documentation for CSL 1.0, which is in the final stages of development.
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