Include year in short form

I use the following style of quotation for my scientific work:
I'm very satisfied overall. When a source is cited for the first time, it is quoted in full. At all further times the source is indicated in the short form: SURNAME, first name, op. cit.
I would very much like to include the year in the short form, e.g. SURNAME, first name, year, op. cit.
How do I do that exactly? Can someone help me, please?
Best regards
  • You'll need to edit the style.

    At the bottom of the style you'll find a part that starts with "citation". That is where it sets your notes.
    It will likely have a structure in a conditional of "subsequent" and then "else". Take the macro that renders the date (often named issued or year-date or something) and copy that into the subsequent part.

    General instructions here. If you can't figure this out we'll need to know or see the style you're using. You can use PasteBin to do that by sharing a link to your style.
  • Okay, great. Thanks for your help.
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