How to get equal number of articles in one folder as sum of articles in separate folders.

I have 9 databases and articles of each databases are kept in 9 separate folders. I have created another separate folder (all files) and copied all the articles into this all files folder.
I am experiencing a problem, the sum of articles in separate folder should be equivalent to total number of articles in all files folder, but I am getting less number of articles in all files folder. Although, I can see there are 2-3 same articles in all files folder, which I can fix by removing duplicates, but my major concern is to get the equal number of articles after copying the articles in all files folder.
I wonder if anyone can help me out with this please.

Many thanks in advance.
  • I'm not really following this.

    First, just to get the terminology clear, Zotero has "collections" and "items". It doesn't have "folders", and "files" are the actual files on disk (PDFs, etc.) that are associated with the attachment items in your library. The same items can exist in multiple collections. Collections can display either the items immediately within them or items from subcollections as well if View → Show Items from Subcollections is enabled.

    So, are you talking about Zotero collections and items?

    If you drag an item to another collection, it's added to that collection — that's pretty much all there is to it. If something isn't working, you'd have to do some experimentation in Zotero to figure out what's actually happening and explain the Steps to Reproduce.
  • Apologies for not clarifying the terminologies.
    I meant to say that I have 9 collections. When I am trying to drag an item from one collection(e.g collection A) to another collection (e.g collection B), and collection B already have the same item which I am trying to drag, it would not let me drag the item from collection A into collection B.
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    I still don't understand where you think the problem is. The item already exists in collection B, so there's nothing to do.
  • Let me explain to you a bit more, I am currently doing a systematic review and I have separate collections from each data bases (say google scholar or science direct). I need to drag all the items from each separate collection into a new collection, whether a new collection already contains same item or not. Here is the problem, when I am trying to drag an item it wouldn't let me drag the item in to new collection. which is actually requirement.
    Please find this link to a tutorial, which should also explain to you my problem, which I am trying to resolve and it is on slide number 5.
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