Issues Syncing with new WebDAV server - D1927024035


We are in the process of migrating to a new internal WebDAV server, but most attempts to connect to the new server return errors that there are issues with the WebDAV Server - the new server was setup with the same settings as the old server.

I created/submitted a debug file, D1927024035, where I attempt to connect to the new server when the error occurs - further attempts to Sync pull similar errors, if needed I can log and submit those debug files as well.

The old server was a Windows 2008 build with IIS (don't know the version), but with 2008 being EOLed we are trying to move to a Windows 2016 build with IIS Version 10. Any assistance that can be provided would be much appreciated.

  • A potential problem was found with your WebDAV server.

    An uploaded file was not immediately available for download. There may be a short delay between when you upload files and when they become available, particularly if you are using a cloud storage service.

    If Zotero file syncing appears to work normally, you can ignore this message. If you have trouble, please post to the Zotero Forums.
    At least in previous versions, IIS wouldn't serve unknown file types (e.g., .prop) unless you configure it to do so. I'd guess that's what you're seeing here.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, dstillman.

    I spoke with our IT associates a bit this morning and got some more information. It sounds like we have this working on Windows 2008 with IIS 7.5, but unable to get it to work on Win2012 with IIS 8.5 and Win2016 with IIS 10.

    They had added the .prop file type and tested, which still didn’t work. They had removed all of the file types with only .rules listed (mirroring what is set up on the Win2008 server) but that still didn’t work. They checked the MIME types, but they didn’t see any difference between the new and old servers.

    We are looking into a few other options, different WebDAV being one, but if you have any other suggestions they would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for the assistance on this, we absolutely love the program.
  • They had added the .prop file type and tested, which still didn’t work.
    Depends what you mean by that, but the main thing to test manually, at least for the error you were getting, is that they can create a .prop file with some text in it on the server and then actually load it with a normal GET request rather than getting a 404.
  • I ran a debug for the GET request - D975309104. This does confirm we have a 404 for the request on the new server. I can verify these .prop are available on the server going through file explorer.
    The old server will have a successful GET request with 200 on the same file.

    Screenshot from IIS shows that allowed extensions; .prop and .zip are set to True. Sounds like the only other issue related to IIS would be if the allowed extensions is turned off by default.

    Thanks again, you have helped narrow down where we need to look if it is a WebDAV issue.
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