Attachments not syncing completely after fresh installation (full quota)

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I have used all my online free quota (300MB) on my previous computer.

After a fresh install of zotero (version 5.0.88) on windows 10, the local data directory has only 90MB and some attachments are missing. I.e. I can see them via web browser but not in the local data directory.

How do I sync the other attachments?

Bug report id: 121093911

Thanks for considering my request.
  • I can see them via web browser but not in the local data directory
    Can you actually open the files online, or just see that an attachment exists? You're at your quota, so some files weren't uploaded from your other computer. What's the 8-character folder name for a file that's missing?

    You're getting a quota error on this computer too, so you've added files here that won't sync either.

    It should still download all the files you have online even if you're at your quota, so we can look at a Debug ID for a sync attempt, but if you're at your quota and don't want to add a storage subscription, you would normally just turn off file syncing to avoid errors and wasted work during syncing.
  • Thank you.

    Yes, I can open those files online.
    The folder name is QPSBK48G and one of the item with problem is the NV35XGXP.

    That sync attempt occourred when I clicked (locally) in an item without attachment and followed the link to the original file in the publisher site. So I re-downloaded it and added it into the item. Only after that event I looked at my online account and realise this issue.

    The primary issue is to download all files since it is a fresh install. This issue occurred before I try to upload any file.
  • QPSBK48G isn't an attachment in your library, so I'm not sure what you're referring to there. The attachment for the parent item NV35XGXP is XGCNRSW8.

    We'd still need the Debug ID I ask for above to tell you more.
  • Sorry:
    Debug ID 701936840
  • My bad.
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    No files to download for My Library
    That doesn't show anything as not being downloaded that's available.

    Can you provide another Debug ID for trying to open a file that's missing locally but available online?
  • Also, are you using "at sync time" or "as needed" mode for the file sync?
  • I'm using the default configuration.

    I've searched for "rodrig" and try to open it. D1448360937
  • I'm using the default configuration.
    We need an answer to the question I asked.
    I've searched for "rodrig" and try to open it.
    I don't know what that's a reference to, but I don't see any attempt to open an attachment in your debug output.
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    In the sync settings:
    "all libraries" is checked;
    all box are checked; and
    all options that contains option "at sync time" is marked as "at sync time".

    Because this attachment is not being synced, just exists online. I tried to open the parent item without the pdf.

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    Here is the printscreen of the installed software and web browser:
    The attachment missing locally is marked in red.
  • OK, so to clarify, when we talk about attachments not syncing, we're almost always talking about the associated file on disk, and file syncing — that's the confusion here. Attachment items themselves — the things that appear below parent items in the middle pane in Zotero — are just items in your database and are part of data syncing. Unless there's something very wrong with your installation, all your items should sync, and that wouldn't have anything to do with file syncing, your storage quota, etc.

    In your case, unless I'm missing something in your screenshot, you do appear to be missing attachments items locally, but that's extremely strange. You're saying this is a fresh sync of Zotero into a new database?

    Can you close Zotero, delete zotero.sqlite from your Zotero data directory, and provide a Debug ID for a new sync that pulls down your library and ends up with items missing? (You should receive a warning that you're syncing to an empty database — that's fine.)
  • After delete zotero.sqlite file all associated files were sucessfully downloaded!

    Thank you a lot for your help!

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