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Hello Team Zotero! My PC was having trouble so we had to remove and reinstall my profile. After I did that I noticed that I can't find some files. Thinking that maybe they are associated with a different email, I reset passwords for my various email accounts and logged in--but no luck. I then tried this: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/39860/lost-files and have the same sqlite file and .1 file/.105 back file that are from April 1. However I have searched both laptop and desktop machines and can not find the files I was citing around the end of March. I know I created a biblio from Zotero and not being able to search and find articles is puzzling. The entire file that these articles were stored in seems to be missing, too. Can you please help me? Thanks!
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    It's not clear to me what you did here. What does "remove and reinstall my profile" mean?

    Your Zotero data is stored in your Zotero data directory, and it remains there unless you delete it. If you delete that folder, and you then sync to a new database, you'd only have what you had previously uploaded to your online library, which may or may not have been up to date depending on whether you were syncing.

    You should never delete anything on your computer without a full backup of your disk. Do you have that?
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