making sense of "Hearings" field

I'm trying to cite Congressional testimony, which seems it should go under the "Hearings" item type, but Zotero doesn't seem to offer the right fields, and the end result (in Chicago 17th notes-bib) is coming out incorrect. I've seen people with the same complaint here in past years - is there any solution or workaround?
  • Currently CSL, the citation style language Zotero uses for citation formatting, doesn’t have a Hearing type. So, the Hearing type in Zotero is mapped to “Bill”. That should change in the next few months.

    It might be possible to arrange the Chicago style to work better in the mean time. Can you try to cite a Hearing using American Psychological Association 7th edition style and see if that looks right for your use?
  • Thank you! Yes, I've just tried with APA 7th and it looks significantly better. Is there a way I can update/improve the Chicago style to do similarly?
  • We can port the APA hearing code to Chicago. Chicago is quite complex code, so I or one of the other volunteers on these forums can take care of that.

    @damnation have you edited the Chicago code before? @adamsmith
  • That would be great - thank you! Will the Chicago code auto-update for me at that point?
  • Has the Chicago code been updated with the APA hearing style? I cited a hearing using Chicago (notes-bibliography) just now and it looks like it is still mapped to the bill format.
  • No updates -- I'm honestly not super enthusiastic about putting in the work given the upcoming changes that bwiernik mentions that would make that work obsolete are <6months out
  • Just to clarify - do the upcoming changes that bwiernik mentioned include porting the APA hearing code to Chicago?
  • Not quite, no -- they mean that Hearing gets a better item type in CSL which means it can be fine-tuned in the style.
    So they do entail better output for Hearing including in Chicago Manual style, but not by porting the current APA code (which would be possible now, but would then be obsolete)
  • Hi, could I request an update on this from anyone who knows? Still having trouble with Hearings in Chicago 17 notes-bib.
  • @damnation @adamsmith The APA 1.0.2 PR has updated hearing code that could be ported now
  • That would be great if possible!
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