Zotero format seems to be overridden in BibTex

Some of my reference entries that involve a Latin name have their titles formatted in Zotero Title field in such a way that the Latin names are emphasized (which I assume is the correct code to have Latin names italicized in the output). One of the entries looks like this
Amaranthus rudis and A. tuberculatus , One Species or Two?
Even though the is shown in the .bib file, Latin names are not italicized in the .tex file output. I am using Overleaf and Rmarkdown to write. The current work-around that I was advised is to write and save file as .tex, have a separate .bib file that contains the entries that need Latin names italicized only and then wrap \emph{} around the Latin names; all done one by one.

Please advise me on how to get Latin names displayed properly on multiple entries at once.
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