Unable insert citation in word.app on MacOS

My error report ID is :D155768407

I have changed mac os from majave to catalina;
The version of Word for mac is 16.30
The version of Zotero is 5.0.87
  • Does inserting citations fail in a new document? Does it matter which citation style you use?
  • Yes, it fails in every doccument, no matter an old or a new one, and also in each citation style, I have tried these cases, but got the same error again and again. I reinstalled the mac os, reinstalled zotero, and also reinstalled word.app, it still didn't work anyway.
  • Is there any reason you are on Word for Mac 16.30? The newest version is 16.38. Have you tried updating?
  • no, I don't have the newest word
  • The first thing to do is to update Word to the latest version before doing more thorough troubleshooting.
  • I restored my mac from another mac's timecapsule. The problem disppears now. Thanks a lot.
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