Problem when updating information

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  • when I try to update my information,its shown id is :163392618.
    pls help.
  • There are various errors in your report, but it's not clear that the problem is you're experiencing. Can you say what exactly you're doing and what's happening?
  • Thanks Dstillman.
    the problem I meet was after I changed the storge method to Web DAV of China clould disk service´╝Ü

    when I click the renew button on the upper right corner,Red error reminder shown up.
  • Beside,there also have problem in Synchronous Data.
    when I use another computer zotero pc side to log in this account(berichlove).
    the data of web library didn't Sync over.
    Is there have any step I forget to settle?
    or this zotero app only can sync on zotero web library.
    so if I want to use another computer to log in my account.I has to load down the data and catalogue in the web library of zotero website ?pls help..
  • and the Plugin in my account won't follow my account?
  • You have data in your web library. To get it locally, all you need to do is set up syncing with the account you're logged into here.

    Beyond that, see Changes Not Syncing.
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