sync files with error

report ID: 1890863098
I noticed that some of my attachments were not synced to my webdav service (4shared in this case.) I tried to reset my file sync history and let it compare all files. During this process I saw large network traffic so I assumed it went though, but in the end an error is triggered that suggest some files were not synced.
  • Your WebDAV server returned an HTTP 0 error for a GET request.

    If you receive this message repeatedly, check your WebDAV server settings or contact your WebDAV server administrator.

    URL: https://********" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/storage/webdav.js" line: 1480}]
    This just means some requests to your WebDAV server are being blocked for some reason.

    If you provide a Debug ID for a sync where this happens, we might be able to tell you a little more, but basically you'll need to ask 4shared about it.
  • sorry I then realized it's because I reached the cap of 4shared.
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