Modify 7th ed of APA?

If you have a modified 7th ed of APA style could you please share it in the Zotero Style Repository? I'm looking for a style that removes authors' middle initials and dois in the reference list; and that removes the author disambiguation in the in-text citations (e.g., if the authors are Jane Doe and Thomas Doe, these names can be disambiguated by adding initials or the full given names (e.g., “(J. Doe 1999, T. Doe 2002)”).
I tried creating a new style, but was a bit too complicated for me. Thanks
  • Removing middle initials isn't possible. The other two changes are fairly trivial:

    givenname-disambiguation-rule="primary-name" and disambiguate-add-givenname="true"

    and delete this entire line
    <text variable="DOI" prefix=""/>
    (I'll note for the record, that removing DOIs from the bibliography is a terrible idea. They're the single most useful part of a reference)

    See for details.

    (we don't take custom styles for the repository, though people are welcome to share the otherwise)
  • edited June 9, 2020
    Thanks, adamsmith. I followed the instructions and it works! Thanks!
    (I agree dois are helpful and most journals require them, but I want the option to remove the dois from my unpublished manuscripts)
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