Annotated Bibliographies

Has anyone figured out how to write annotations for the bibliography in Zotero and then have them inserted when the bibliography is created?
  • If you write annotations in the Extra field, Zotero will display them with either of those two styles:
  • Maybe I'm missing something, but should annotations be tied to a particular document, rather than embedded in the item?
    One could include the same item in multiple annotated bibliographies and the notes would be specific to that bibliography, not to every reference to that item. For example, the same work might appear in a bibliography for undergraduate students with one note ("An excellent, accessible guide to the field") but in another bibliography, for more advanced users, with a different note ("A basic introduction but somewhat incomplete").
  • If you want to have annotations per document, just type the annotations directly into the Word document.

    The annotations in the item data fits a common workflow of using Zotero to organize your research notes and thinking, rather than merely as a bibliographic database.
  • Conceptually I could see it be interesting to have collections be different "perspectives" on the items, but it'd be a nightmare to maintain.
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