Issue with File Links with Relative Paths

Checking here to figure out if what I'm experiencing is a bug or a misunderstanding.

I'm trying to import my library back from Mendeley (university pays for the account, but too many problems with it, constantly losses files) - that works fine (downgraded Mendeley to 1.18)

The problem is that I'm trying to store the files under dropbox and use relative paths to allow synching to multiple computers with different operating systems and user names.

I tried setting the linked attachment base directory (under settings / advanced / files and folders) to the dropbox folder before importing, but files are still imported under the data directory (storage folder). I synched first and then moved the files and set the base directory but files are still searched using the absolute path in the wrong place. Is the only option to link the storage directory to the data directory? and what does the linked attachment base directory pertains to?

  • It's a misunderstanding.

    The Linked Attachment Base Directory setting doesn't affect where files get stored — it just affects how the paths for linked files are saved in the database (absolute vs. relative). Read the documentation for an explanation.

    If you want to use linked files, the ZotFile plugin can help convert stored files to linked files in a location of your choosing (which you'd generally want to be the same as the Linked Attachment Base Directory so that the files could be accessible on other computers even if the path was different).
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