Error report 1694292040

I'm not quite sure whether to report this or not.

For one of my libraries, I'm getting "Linked files can only be added to user library". So maybe somehow somebody managed to attache linked file to that group library? And hence the error occurs (during sync)?

How do I detect and remove the linked file? (Other than inspecting each item...)
  • You'll need to find the item yourself, sorry. No else has ever reported this, so this was almost certainly caused by something you did in code. You can just press + in the middle pane to expand all items and look for the chain icon.
  • Hi @dstillman.

    The items came from other users, so it must definitely have happened through the UI.

    I've looked through the library, and didn't see any linked files. I then looked with the API, and indeed see linked files - with parents in the library, as expected. However, when I look at those parents in the UI, they do not have visible children.

    Via the API I can see which users added the item, and I'll ask what they did. There isn't anything under owl:relations, so it doesn't look like they dragged them item into the library from the user library.
  • Hi @dstillman,

    We've checked with the team. It seems to be possible to link a PDF to an item in the user library. When that item is dragged into a group library, there is no warning. The linked attachment remains attached to the item (and can be retrieved via the API), but is no longer displayed in the UI - and you get an error during sync.

    So looks like a bug in the UI?
  • Hi Dan,

    just checking whether you had a chance to look at this?

  • edited July 20, 2020
    Can you provide a Debug ID for an operation that you think shows this happening, along with the exact steps you're taking?

    This is what's shown in the debug output if I create a new item in My Library, add a linked file, and drag the parent item to a group.
    Skipping child linked file attachment on drag
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