Zotero Connector in Firefox saves multiple copies of same reference

I don't know if I am the only person who cannot handle the connector properly: Am using Firefox 76.0.1 with Zotero 5.0.87. I have more than 10 group libraries, plus my personal library. When I click on the "Save to Zotero" button in FF, it drops down the "Saving to" button in which the last library selected in Zotero is shown. By the time I pull down that menu, select "More..." and choose another library/folder, it has already saved to the original library and now it saves in the new library as well, or saves multiple copies in the same library. Or if I click done too quickly, it saves nothing. I am simply not able to predict. Multiple copies is the norm.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero (not the Connector) that you believe shows this happening?

    The Connector saves immediately to the collection selected in Zotero. If you choose another location from the save popup, the item is moved there and removed from the original location. In the case of a different library, the original item is deleted. Within the same library, it's just the same item — which will always exist in the library root — that's moved between collections.

    "Done" has no effect other than closing the popup.
  • Dan, here is the debug ID: Report ID: 774545611
    I went to a newspaper article (https://tinyurl.com/ybn8bdcz). Zotero pointer was at that time in a group library. When I clicked on the Connector, I clicked on the drop down menu and chose "My library" and left things there (no 'done' button showed up anyway). After a few seconds, the connector window disappeared. When I went to My library, it showed 2 items had been added to library (see screenshot at https://tinyurl.com/y9l4o4t5
  • That's a Report ID from the Connector. For this we'd need a Debug ID from Zotero.
  • It seems to happen when I have done a save to a group library, so that next time I try to save something, the default in the popup (zotero connector) is the group library, and then I scroll down and choose my library. At that point, it dumps two copies into my library. Does not seem to happen when it is the other way around
  • Sorry, there's an ongoing sync there that makes that impossible to read. Nothing else should be happening in Zotero while you reproduce this.
  • Sorry, Dan. I will try to figure out how to stop that sync, and then redo this and re-send the Debug Id etc.
  • Dan, I did it again, after syncing had stopped. The Debug ID is D1767297091. It still produced 2 entries instead of 1. See https://tinyurl.com/yacqxdzh
  • This shows your moving two items to a different library after a long delay — it doesn't show two items being saved. Note that clicking the save button again without reloading the page simply reopens the save popup without saving a new item. We'd need a Debug ID that included the initial save.

    Basically, when you save an item from a page, it creates a "save session" in Zotero with information on the items saved, and if any time after that while on the same page you select a different library, it recreates all items registered in that save session to the new library and deletes the originals. Here, it looks like there were two copies of the item in your personal library that were already registered in the save session. So something caused there to be two items saved, but that problem happened previously in your personal library, so what this debug output shows isn't relevant.

    One possibility might be that you double-clicked the save button instead of single-clicking it, causing two items to be saved initially. I can't get that to happen, though.
  • Now that I understand the saving method slightly better, let me experiment a bit more.
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