Problem with sorting by call number

In Zotero standalone, when I sort by call number (using Dewey Decimal), they are not ordered correctly according to the decimal points.
220.5 precedes 220.13
220.61 precedes 220.5209

Is there any way to fix this?
  • I've created an issue for this.
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    I believe there are similar issues with respect to LoC call numbers as well, as I am seeing similar (mis-)orderings as OP.

    However, the LoC case is a bit more complicated, as I understand it, in that the first (classification) field should be sorted alpha-numerically but the subsequent (cutter) field(s) should be right-padded with zeroes and sorted decimally. Final-field date-encoded edition delimiters are purely numeric, obviously.

    The other feature that appears to distort call-number sorting in Zotero is to do with internal white space which, presumably, ought to be ignored when sorting by call number. I gather that the first cutter field is sometimes held to be part of the classification rather than a shelving indicator but I doubt that any automatic sorting routine could account for this semantic shift.
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    ^and sorted digitally^and sorted decimally

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