Port between different versions of Word, different OSes?

Is it possible to use the same version of Zotero with a synced database but edit from two different OSes? More precisely, will I be able to edit a document in Word 2003 on XP SP3 and then move over to Word 2008 on OS X 10.5.6 and edit the same document and vice versa? Is this possible or not even worth trying?

  • this should be possible, but start out with a quick test before engaging in a larger project.
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    The only problem you might encounter is backward compatibility of Word's new .docx format if you decide to go from Word 2008 to Word 2003, so be sure to save as .doc going that direction. Of course this has nothing to do with Zotero at all.
  • Just tested it out with some basic citations in a .doc and all seems fine both ways. Thanks guy. Are all versions of Word across all platforms compatible then?
  • yes - with the limits of the file format itself as Sean points out.
    You can even port between Word and Open Office using .doc files and bookmarks instead of fields.
  • Should be, though some very old versions of Word, like Word X for the Mac, won't work with the Zotero plugins at all. Such versions still be able to display Zotero-formatted citations, just not edit them.
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