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Dear all,

I install the Zotero's Word complement but the connection with Word is not possible. I have followed some discussions about the topic and check the folder extensions/zoteroWinWordIntegration@zotero.org/install, but the zotero.dotm it doesn't appear. I tried to download it from your webpage but the file is automatically removed in my computer no matter what I do.
I have tried disconnecting the antivirus just in case, but still it is not working. Also I should say that the antivirus doesn't detect any threat, so I don't think it is related with that. Please, I would really thank if someone could help me. Regards,

  • I'm afraid you'll need to figure out what on your system is deleting or hiding the file.
  • Yes, that's what I am trying...but I was wondering if you could know more in detail why is happening that, as so many people have the same problem.
  • Most Zotero users do not have this problem. You do find other forum posts about this, but that is only because people who run into this come looking for help. The people for whom its working fine do not have any reason to post.

    Either way, this is certainly a system specific issue, most likely related to third-party security software. Windows Defender which is bundled with Windows 10 certainly doesn't cause it. If you find out what's removing Zotero.dotm on your system do post here about it and it will help others in the future.
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    Ok, thank you for your support. At the end it was related with a third-party security software as you've said. I didn't know it was installed in the system, probably it was installed together with another program. Now that I've deleted this security software, the file zotero.dotm is no longer deleted automatically in my computer.

    On the other side, just after installing zotero.dotm in the folder extensions/zoteroWinWordIntegration@zotero.org/install, zotero still didn't appear in Word. This I've resolved by following the procedure I found in the discussion "How to use zotero plug with word 365":

    1. Open a Word document
    2. Go to "File"
    3. Choose "option"
    4. Choose "advanced options" from the drop-down menu
    5. Go down to the "General" chapter and click on "File Location"
    6. A window appears. Double click on the line "Startup Files". DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THIS WINDOW !!!!!!!!
    7. Carefully record/note/copy the way in the address bar at the top of the window (to reveal it easily just click on this address bar and copy the address.
    8. Open a new window of disk C for example
    9. Paste the address in this window. You must then have access to an empty window called STARTUP
    10. Find the Zotero tab creation file on a other window:
    Disk C> program Files (x86)> zotero> extension> zoteroWinWordIntegration@zotero.org> Install> Zotero.dotm
    11. COPY this file and do not move it !!!!!!
    12. Paste the Zotero.dotm file into the Word STARTUP window
    13. Close all the windows and the word document
    14. Open word and it works

    I hope it can be useful for other users experiencing similar problems. Kind regards
  • Would you mind sharing what the third-party security software was?

    Note that those steps you pasted from that thread are just a restatement of the official manual installation steps. Downloading Zotero.dotm into extensions/zoteroWinWordIntegration@zotero.org/install is only one step and isn't expected to fix the problem on its own.

    In any case, with the third-party security software removed and Zotero.dotm no longer being deleted, there's a good chance that Zotero can now install the plugin into Word on its own — or that you can do so manually via the Cite → Word Processors pane of the Zotero preferences — which should allow Zotero to automatically update the plugin in Word in the future.
  • Ah ok, I've read several times the manual of installation and forums and I didn't rembember it was also included in the official manual.
    The security software was called SAntivirus Realtime Protection Lite. Actually, it was a virus.
  • the problem is the zotero.dtom file keep deleted every time i download it. i don't know why my computer deleted it. i keep looking for article for reference but i don't find any answer
  • @lidyarahmah01: Same answer as above — you'll need to figure out what software on your computer is deleting the file. This isn't something we can help with, since we obviously don't know what on your computer is doing that.
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