Translated document

I have a trabslated document and I know the original version of it (before translation) and I would like to show both of them in my reference list as one reference:
Ref A....... translated from Ref B...
How can I do it in Zotero?
Thank you
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    Do you mean in-text, or in the bibliography?

    In-text cites allow for "prefixes" and "suffixes" where you could write for example: (Smith 2000; translation from Jones 1999)

    In the bibliography, generally there's no default way to indicate that one work is associated with another work. A common example would be trying to indicate that a book chapter is part of an other book in the library, and Zotero doesn't currently have any way to do that. You could of course include both items in the bibliography, and then manually edit later to indicate one is part of the other specifically. For this, you could also use another field improperly to add a note. For example, you could just use the location field (if that appears after publisher in your style) to add extra notes about a book: New York. Translation of Jones 1999. But for various reasons that's not the proper way to do it and wouldn't necessarily be reliable for other styles.


    Another way to answer this is that there are ways in Zotero to add names of translators, "original date" (for later editions), etc., so you can correctly cite an individual item while indicating it is the translation of another work, without actually citing that other work separately. If that's what you wanted to ask about, just reply confirming that, and someone will be able to help you with it.

    (One hint is that you can use the Extra field to add any additional information in any field not shown by default for an item type. Sometimes this is necessary to add the original date, for example. Then if a particular style recognizes that variable, it will include it. You could even create a custom style that does recognize it, if needed.)


    And then by the way, there's also a variant of Zotero called Juris-M, which allows multilingual research and might have some additional features for formatting translated citations (like switching languages within an entry for the original title, etc.). If you're doing a lot of multi-lingual work, this might help you.
  • Dear @djross3
    Thank you very mıch for your comprehensive solution.
    I mean showing it in the reference list as:

    Gunes, U, Maritime, Istanbul, 2015, translated into English by Veli, A, New York, 2020

    I would like to show the second part which includes translation part.

    Thank you very much.
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