Grey boxes around citation - deleting link between word and zotero

edited May 26, 2020
I added citations using zotero for my bachelors thesis. Every time I click on the citation, there is a grey box around the citation, which was fine while I was still working on the document. But now I need to get rid of this feature. Is there a way to delete the link between the document and zotero, so I only have the text without the grey boxes?

Thank you!
  • Do you want keep the citations active (so you can edit them later)?
    If yes, then you can turn of the shading for fields in Word. (have a google for how)

    If you want to make these inactive citations (basically just plain text) you can unlink the citations (see the button in the Zotero tab in Word). Only do this in a copy of your file as you will not be able to edit your citations anymore.
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