ipad app is urgently needed

Hi everyone,

I appreciate Zotero, I really do. I used Mendeley and EndNote before and Zotero is way beyond both of them in my opinion, especially in terms of fast syncing and being an open-source platform.
But I really really need an iPad app for Zotero. I recently bought an iPad exclusively for reading and annotating articles. And the most convenient way of doing it is doing it in the same platform that I already use to categorize and store all my references and pdfs, which is Zotero.
I have been trying every solution (from Papership to switching to Mendeley or EndNote) and none of them worked. I cannot express enough how much this whole issue slows my process down.

I would love to hear that an iPad app is coming soon, but if not, could you please give me any other suggestions that would work as a citation manager and a pdf annotator that would sync across devices?

Thank you in advance.
  • An iPad app is currently in development.

    For now, I recommend using Zotfile with Zotero. Zotfile has a "Send to Tablet" feature to send PDFs to a cloud storage folder, which you can sync with your iPad.
  • Thank you. I followed the steps here: http://zotfile.com/#how-to-install--set-up-zotfile
    But still, when I right click my Zotero files to send them to my tablet the Notability App does not seem to recognize them immediately. Instead I need to import them from Dropbox manually.
    Any ideas on how to solve this?
  • I don’t know if Notability has two-way syncing with Dropbox. But I don’t recommend it in any event because it uses a non-standard annotation system. You wouldn’t be able to extract and search your notes into Zotero afterward.

    I recommend GoodReader, Apple Books, or Adobe Acrobat. Each of these has two-way syncing with one or more cloud drives.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out.
  • I don't see "Zotfile" as an available app in the Apple Store :-(
  • ZotFile is a Zotero plugin, not an app.

  • What about cite while you write facility on the iPad?
  • @babette888, that's a technical limitation at Apple's end. You can't CWYW with anything, including their own word processor.
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    For Ipad annotation PDF Expert is also really good. Is there any estimate for Ipad Beta (even for testing on a test flight?) It will be released during Q3 or Q4 2020 or there is even longer time horizon? Is there a way to financially support development for Ipad?
  • Yeah I agree with all said here, especially as the Apple increases the power of devices like the iPad Pro. If there is anyway I can financially contribute to this, please someone let me know.
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    Similar to @danieltomasz, I think PDF Expert is pretty good since its easy to "sync" PDFs from Dropbox.

    I also agree with Chris Benedict that the Zotero community would gladly help fund iOS app development
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