Issues with searching files and annotations

I have recently noticed some changes in the how the search tool in Zotero works, and I was hoping someone could look into and possible resolve these issues.

For the last few years, I have been using hashtags when annotating PDF files in order to be able to locate just my own annotations when searching for a term. For instance, a search for "#corpus" in quotation marks would locate just my own annotations containing that term, not every instance of the word "corpus" in my library. The search would also run on all of the files in my library or whichever subfolder I happened to be in. It did not require that I had extracted notes.

Since the last update to Zotero, I have noticed that most of these functions no longer work. Instead:
-a search for "#corpus" now pulls up all instances of the word "corpus" in my library. The hashtag symbol no longer serves its function of restricting the search results to my own annotations, and the quotation marks don't seem to make a difference.
-if I try to search within a subfolder using quotation marks around the search term, Zotero pulls up results from my entire library. It no longer seems possible to restrict a search within quotation marks to a subfolder.
-the search bar no longer searches my annotations unless they have been extracted to notes in Zotero using Zotfile. (These annotations are indexed in the PDF file and have previously shown up in searches in Zotero.)

I am using an up-to-date version of Zotero, and all files are annotated with PDF-XChange Editor. I have been using this configuration for years and have never had an issue, and it would be very disruptive to my workflow if these changes to the Zotero search function are permanent. Could the developers please look into these issues?

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for alternate ways of annotating files so that just annotations can be searched (not the full PDF text), I would appreciate hearing them. The only solution I can think of is to use a mashup of words like "corpuslinguistics" with no space, which would be unlikely to appear in the files in my library. But it would take ages to manually go back through all of the files in my library to manually search for hashtags and re-annotate them by that method...

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