iPad Pro

Hallo, arbeitet wer mit dem iPad Pro, Word und Google Chrome ?
Bzw wie kann ich Zotero mit Word verbinden oder gibt es eine andere MÖglichkeit... gern auch mit Pages .

Liebe Grüße
  • A Zotero iPad app is in development. It’s not currently possible to work with Zotero in Word for iPad.
  • And with the app which is in development - will it then be possible to connect Zotero and word app ? This would be fine.
  • @GabiRichter, it's not possible to do that on iOS. It's a limitation imposed by Apple.
  • edited June 19, 2020
    @stjepanovic That isn’t strictly true. It would be possible to make a Word add-in that works with a Zotero account. No idea if that’s in the cards for Zotero.
  • @bwiernik Is there a possibility to support this development either by financial or other ressources?
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