Zotfile - Move web snapshot / Web-snapshot and cloud storage


I am currently using zotfile to help organise my pdfs and doc files with cloud storage and it is working great.

I have recently install the zotero web connector to save web snapshots. The snapshots work OK when first saved but if I try to move the HTML file using zotfile, the images and website layout are not moved.

Is there are method to move over the additional information needed using zotfile? Has anyone else come up with a smooth workflow for saving web snapshots and syncing to cloud storage?

  • The smooth workflow is to use stored files and Zotero file syncing.

    Using linked files for web snapshots doesn't make a lot of sense (at least beyond the goal of just not paying for Zotero Storage). The point of linked files is that you can store files elsewhere on disk, generally in a directory with other linked files that you can browse yourself outside of Zotero. Snapshots as currently implemented involve many auxiliary files and need to be in their own directories, and it can be hard to understand how to open them outside of Zotero, so they really only make sense as stored files in directories managed by Zotero.
  • Hi dstillman,

    thanks for your response. My aim for seeing if it is possible to store web snapshots as linked files is so that i know where all of my material is stored for easy backup and sharing.

    A browser plugin that can save the website as an image then importing that and linking it is currently my best idea so far.

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