Two Accounts - need to merge

Hello, I have two accounts. My older one has the most information, and I'd like to keep. My Zotero standalone is currently synced with that library.

The newer account (with my current email address) was previously synced, but I unlinked the account, so I can only access this new account online via the Web Library.

What's the easiest way for me to merge them?
  • Is there data in the new one you want to keep, or do you just want to associate the newer email address with the old account?

    If you want to keep data from the new account, the easiest thing to do is to create a new Zotero profile, sync with the new account, and then export the library to Zotero RDF with files and import that into your original profile. You can then delete the new profile and its files, delete the new data directory (which by default is named after the profile), delete the new account, and add the new account's email address to the old account.

    Note that this will break links to items from citations in any word processor documents you've created using the new account, and it will also reset the Date Added/Modified values.
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