Does exceeding the storage quota lead to synchronization problems?

The Zotero app on my computer displays a warning message that the Zotero data storage quota is exhausted. Therefore some data will not be synchronized. A prompt appears asking me to adjust the storage settings. On my Zotero profile I see that my storage is only about 1/3 used up. What do I have to do to be able to save literature sources directly from the internet to Zotero again?
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    Is it saying that you're hitting your storage quota, or the storage quota for a group that you're a member of but don't own?

    If it's for yours, you'd have to have a very large file (hundreds of megabytes) in your library.

    In any case, the quota is only for syncing attached files with your online library and other computers, and it has no effect on what you can save locally or the syncing of library data.
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