Minimum rquirements book metadata?


*very* new to Zotero, although I have previously used EndNote.

I'm trying to understand the minimum metadata support or other requirements for a library system so that the Zotero FireFox connector will recognise that a search result for a book that I'd like to import is being displayed.

Currently, this doesn't happen with my college library system, which is frustrating, although it works just fine on Amazon, which was a debug action suggested in another forum post. Hopefully I can try and get the output improved...

I can supply the web page that results from a search if that's helpful - can't see how to attach it to this post though.


  • Hello,

    I have also encountered this problem with my college library system. I believe that this is a problem with the databases that colleges have subscribed to.

    What I regularly do is to export my search results in any of the formats supported by zotero (e.g., ".ris", "bibtex" etc). Thereafter, I can import the output into into zotero.

    This works fine all the time.
  • @YouraT -- there's some technical information here:
    but for a lot of sites, this is site/catalog specific, so we'd need a URL of what you're looking at to say more.
  • Thanks Both,

    @boyivictor: Good approach, but there's no obvious save or export function I can see on the system - I'll check with library support when they are working again.

    @adamsmith: The system my college uses is called "Heritage Cirqa" - there's a publicly accessible demo system available at:

    using a reader code of R0009 (login box at top right of the page).

    Any pointers/help gratefully received.
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