"My Library" vs "Dropbox Files"

I have a folder in my Zotero library that presumably I made. It has a bunch of files in i.
I also have "my Library" which seems to come from Zotero itself.
Does the "MY Library" show all the items in the subfolders?
If I delete the folder, will it delete the files from My Library?
I don't need the subfolder, so just trying to make it more simple.
What do you suggest?
  • If you right-click on a collection, you have two options: "Delete Collection" and "Delete Collection and Items". As the names suggest,
    "Delete Collection" just deletes the collection, all items remain in My Library.
    "Delete Collection and Items" also deletes all items in the collection from My Library.

    So given what you say, you want to use the first of these.
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