Zotero bookmark applet not working on iPad

Is this just me or is the Zotero bookmark applet not working on either safari and Firefox on the iPad?
  • No, not you. I am having the same issue and it's maddening. Such a simple task - to send a url to my Library, and the failure makes the whole user experience so disappointing.

    I am continuously promoted to log in, rec'v a white box that says 'authenticated' and then an error msg that the webpage doesn't synch and try and again.
  • We've explained this elsewhere — Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari tends to break the bookmarklet, at least if you don't regularly browse zotero.org at other times. (I'm not sure if ITP applies to Firefox for iOS too — it might — or if Firefox's own tracking protection is breaking it.)

    You can add ungated URLs from iOS using the save page or Add Item by Identifier in the web library. (It's also possible to use an iOS Shortcut to save a page straight from the share pane, but setting that up properly is a bit complicated.)

    An iOS app that will allow saving is under development.
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    Oh great an app is in development, this is the best news ever! thank you!
    Yes Firefox also blocks it. Ok I will try to follow the instructions given, I actually already used the save page but as I read somewhere on this forum it doesn't actually save the pdf file associated with the reference. If you have instructions for the more complicated option you can try us, I am no programmer but I sometimes can get things right if I follow instructions diligently..

    But mainly waiting impatiently for the app!
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    No, unfortunately the Shortcut option is just a quicker way to send the URL to the save page, so it won’t retrieve a PDF either.
  • dstillman could you share your shortcut with us? I tried setting it up several times but I cannot get the url pasted to the text field once save page gets opened by iOS shortcuts. thanks
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