how to merge collections

I hve duplicative collections and want to merge them into single collections. What is the best way to do this.
  • Depends what you mean. Is it just a duplicate collection, or are the items themselves duplicated — i.e., they show up multiple times in the library root?

    How did you end up with duplicate collections? If this is from multiple imports, the easiest thing is just to sort by Date Added and delete the entire set of duplicates.
  • The collections are not exact duplicates in all cases...if not exact, 90% of items are identical. Others are exact. I think the duplicates came from my attempt to sync with the online version, even though I use only one computer so didn't need to have it in the cloud.
    Fortunately, the items do not show up multiple times below the level of the collection--
    I had to re-install windows for other reasons. The lucky effect was it cleaned out the mess I made by first trying to import files to the new computer resulting in every item duplicated. I read what you had to say on this and learned enough from you to avoid making that mistake when I had to reload zotero.

    Thank you for your help with this. I really appreciate it.
  • I think the duplicates came from my attempt to sync with the online version
    No, syncing can't produce duplicates. You can only get duplicates of entire collections via export/import. (If you do that on different computers, or with different versions of a data directory, the duplicates can show up when you sync with the online library, but the syncing itself doesn't cause them — there's simply no way for that to happen, given how it's designed.)
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