New Style Request: Central European History

Hi Everyone,

The journal Central European History requires footnotes for archival documents to be in the following order:

Archive (usually abbreviation), Name of Holding, File Number (etc.), Author of document, “Title of document” [or Type of document, if no title], Date of document.

Link to style instructions:

I tried searching the style repository by example and by name but it doesn't seem possible to preview what a citation for archival material will look like in either case. I also had a try editing the CSL myself but the Chicago Style is a beast. I would really appreciate some help with either creating this new style or pointing me to a similar style that can list archive & folio before the author and title.

I realize that you normally require the Campbell & Penderson and Mares citation examples but since these are not archival documents they won't help us much in this case. Hopefully, an example of the style I am seeking will be more helpful:

SAPMO-BArch, DY30/2525, Egon Krenz, "Aktennotiz über ein Telefonat mit Oskar Lafontaine", April 19, 1983.

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