Request: Duplicate warning

First, as always, thanks for this great software, open source and free for all!

More than once happened that I went online and downloaded a few (or dozens) of items, only to find out later that I already had those downloaded, added to Zotero and manually 'post-processed' (ie added tags, related to other items, etc.). Depending on how the items are sorted in the main list, the only moment when I realize I have been wasting my time is when I check the "Duplicate Items" folder.

It would be great if there is some way Zotero let's me know *before* that embarrassing point. I guess it is difficult that Zotero checks in real-time as we enter the item to our database. But there are maybe other options.

For every time a *new item* is added to a collection, I propose one or both of the following ideas:
1) Turn BOLD (and maybe red?) the font of "Duplicated items" in the list of collections view
2) Add a number in parenthesis showing the number of items inside the "Duplicate items" contents.

Think of the behavior of 1) and 2) as a kind of an inbox: when you enter an item which has a potential duplicate, Zotero changes the display of "Duplicate items" accordingly.

This of course assumes Zotero knows that the item being added to a collection is really "new" and not a copy which being intentionally duplicated in a different collection (ie existing item).

Now, when is a good time to check for duplicates? I presume Zotero only checks for duplicates when the user selects the Duplicate items collection, right? If so, then a new instance should be added. I don't know what would work best programmatically, but for example it could be every X minutes (user-definable) or every time the user selects any item on any collection (which means that the user is not currently entering information on the current item).

Thanks again
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