Visual basic environment cannot be initialized - Win 10, Office 365


I have problem. When i open any document (new or old one) in Word i have communicate: "visual basic environment cannot be initialized". I've reinstalled both Zotero and Office 365 and it does not help at all. If i open Word as administrator i don't have this communicate but extension does not work.

Zotero report ID 1933985104
  • Do you get this error when you open a document or when you try to interact with Zotero? You can remove the Zotero plugin from Word by removing Zotero.dotm from the Word startup folder. What is the version number reported by Word?
  • When i remove Zotero plugin it does not occour. Word version 2004 (12730.20270)
  • This isn't a general error, either something with your system configuration or perhaps a corrupt Zotero.dotm file is causing this. Redownload and reinstall Zotero and then reinstall the Word plugin from Zotero Preferences -> Cite -> Word Processors.
  • It is already done, still does not help at all. I'm prepared to reinstall Windows at weekend it should help.
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