dateAdded, dateModified RDF export fails

Hi, I am modifying Bibliontology.js RDF translator for our own needs ( ), and everything works very smoothly, but Zotero dateAdded and dateModified are not exported. Is this a restriction due to the main RDF translator in the background? We would like to include at least dateModified in our export. Any hints for being able to do that?
  • Translators have access to the 'item' object and can export whatever they want, but very few if any of the export translators include dateAdded/dateModified.

    You'd just have to decide how you actually wanted to include it in the RDF. Bibliontology RDF is, as the name suggests, focused on bibliographic output, so there wouldn't be the concept of Date Added/Modified. You may want to look at generateItem() in Zotero RDF.js for an example of an RDF export translator that includes more fields in more ontologies in a more straightforward way.
  • Thanks for your answer, and yes, I have realized that it works if I access directly item.dateModified. I don't know why it didn't work when including item.dateModified in the zoterofields - rdfstatement mapping list in FIELDS variable.
    Our translator creates a "Zotero user item" in RDF (with group item url as uri), where we now append dateModified, for not losing track of updates. It also creates a bibliographic item (e.g. a bibo:Book), i.e. same as Bibliontology.js translator, but named nodes for authors, abstracts, and creator lists.
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